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Before finding you  a solicitor in the Wolverhampton U.K.,we make sure we are aware of the nature of your legal problem.If we find a solicitor who we think might be suitable , we qualify their experience and skills in dealing with your type of case.

You could use internet directories to search for a solicitor, most of these directories describe the firm rather than an individual solicitor. However,we take care of all that for you. At find  solicitor, we qualify the solicitor and firm for you.


All you need to do is give us all the information, the type of solicitor  and your location,we do the rest.

Once  we have found a good solicitor in wolverhampton, with relevant experience,we schedule a free initial interview. This gives you the opportunity to talk to them at length,and for you to judge whether they are suitable.

Before the initial interview, it is a good idea to get together any significant letters, evidence, pictures or other papers regarding your legal enquiry. If you can’t decide which are the most relevant, bring them all. Prepare a list of questions on the advice that you require, and information that you would like to acquire and bring it along to the meeting.

During the initial interview, feel free to ask all the questions you want answers for. The solicitor is there to help you and  figure out the best way for you to proceed. It is important to keep in mind that the legal advice you receive will be based on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide to the solicitor.

Before instructing  any solicitor to act on your behalf, make sure you find out about the method  of payment used to charge for the service. Solicitors in Wolverhampton,and other places do not always charge a fixed price for a cases. In fact, they more often than not, to charge according to the time they spend on the overall case. However, they should be able to advise you of the estimated cost and the expected time period your case will take.


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